Government Contract Services

In an environment of tightening budgets and increasing complex compliance restrictions, we believe that government agencies need reliable and knowledgeable support to reduce the demands on their staff to contribute to nation building activities.

KAA Federal is a management consulting firm that works closely with the U.S. Government on consulting engagements. Our senior management team has over 35 years of experience offering government contract services. We have an international network of associates, the sources of knowledge gained working with nearly every U.S. government agency and several international government agencies, at all levels of policy, program, and operational management. We bring a diversity of thought to every assignment we take on, mapping our subject matter experts to the particular needs of our diverse client-base.

The in-depth expertise and understanding of Federal government policies, processes, programs, and management issues lend KAA a unique ability to provide outstanding solutions. Our firm offers a comprehensive portfolio of services including, but not limited to, human capital management, contract acquisition management, and financial management.

Our human resource support is highly respected with services ranging from Staffing and Classification to more sophisticated offerings such as Workforce Planning, Employee Development, Executive Resource Services, and Performance Management. In addition, we offer services in areas such as procurement/acquisition management, budget support, and audit services.

Core Services

Innovative and tailored solutions under the canopy of Government Contract Services include:

Human Capital

Using research and collaboration, we devise and implement strategic solutions that transform the Human Resource (HR) experience.

  • Recruitment
  • Position Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Relations

Contract Acquisition

We provide a wide range of professional procurement services including Acquisition planning, contract management, and policy writing.

  • Acquisition Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Closeout Support
  • Policy Writing


We help you develop your financial strategy and determine high-priority projects that will deliver value while minimizing cost and risk.

  • Financial Analytics
  • Accounting Services
  • Corrective Action Planning
  • Spend Analytics
  • Business Case Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

What does KAA Federal Solutions bring to the table?

We nurture some of the finest minds and the unique alignment of our experts with Government services equip us to offer the best federal services that are on our menu. Our regulatory compliance - in particular, the GSA compliance - makes us efficient partners in contractual relationships. Last but not the least, we have a team that lives by high standards of ethics and integrity.

What contracts are awarded to KAA Federal Solutions by the US General Services Administration?

The contracts and the Special Item Number (SIN) categories of services are: 1) Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity (Group 738 X, Contract No. GS-02F-0057T) and 2) The Professional Services Schedule (Contract No. GS-00F- 133CA).

What are the core services of KAA Federal Solutions?

The core services that KAA Federal offers the Government are Human Capital Management, Contract Acquisition Management, Financial Management and Digital Transformation.