Business Philosophy

Long-term client relationships

Many of our clients date back to the company’s origins in 1984. And every assignment we take on today is geared toward having that client for our next 30 years.

KAA is recognized for its expertise with federal and commercial clients, and our ability to find the right resources, for the right cost, with the right solution. Every time.  This ability to exceed our clients’ expectations brings our clients back to us, again and again.

Diverse client base of commercial, federal government and non-profit entities

As a small business, KAA understands the need for effectiveness and efficiency in every solution we develop for our clients. For larger enterprises, we utilize of extensive pool of talented consultants to enhance our clients’ teams. Most importantly, we bring a diversity of thought to every assignment we take on, matching our subject matter experts to the particular needs of our diverse client base.

Customer satisfaction

KAA associates come from high levels within government agencies and major corporations, and we have solved similar problems to those of our clients. Before we delve into any assignment, we explore every aspect of the work: schedule, budget, pressures within and outside the organization, deliverables, reporting relationships—and how they each define success.

Earned reputation for professional integrity, confidentiality, and ethics

Our fundamental values of integrity and quality govern every aspect of the work we do:

  • Understanding of and adherence to rules and regulations, from federal legislative and administrative requirement to following our clients’ policies and procedures.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of professionalism, as measured by codes of conduct, industry standards, and regulatory guidance.
  • Full compliance – no exceptions – with legal, financial, or administrative requirements.
  • Ethics in everything we do, avoiding both impropriety and the appearance of impropriety

Products and services that exceed customer expectations 

On the “front end,” we help clients assess opportunities, evaluate the competitive landscape, and assemble the team to pursue and capture business opportunities which expand or enhance their companies.

In operations, we provide strategic analysis, procurement advice, HR support, the development of IT solutions, financial analysis, and contract management support.

On the “back end,” we help clients successfully close out projects, including financial closure and final billings to contract completion and project assessment.

High-level talent aligned with customer needs

KAA provides a bridge between the federal government and industry, utilizing many hundreds of consultants and subject matter experts who have specifically aligned experience. The key to our success is fully understanding the client’s organization, culture, people, and goals, and then connecting the best talent to develop cost-effective solutions.

Minimal ramp up time

By identifying and utilizing experienced managers, business professionals, and subject matter experts—all of whom have managed successful teams—KAA

  1. quickly assesses the nature and depth of each client’s issues
  2. outlines the strategy necessary to resolve the problem
  3. oversees implementation quickly and efficiently.

What differentiates KAA from competitors is our ability to ramp up quickly, develop implementable solutions, and then carry the process through completion.

Quick start. Effective solutions. Low risk.

Responsive and agile

No two client problems are exactly alike. So, at every stage of client engagement, KAA is attuned and responsive to any changing requirements, to adapt the plan to the client’s goals. KAA’s infrastructure allows for swift and decisive action when required.