KAA is led by a dynamic team of employees and associates, dedicated to finding solutions for each of our federal and industry clients. As employee-owners, we understand that clients seek solutions which are cost-effective, can be implemented within the client’s organization, and achieve the client’s objectives. All of our managers have solved problems similar to what our clients are experiencing, at the decision-making level of major federal agencies or industry. We have a vested interest in our clients’ success.

Tim VigotskyTim Vigotsky – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Industry Services Lead

With an extensive background in agency operations, professional consulting and financial services, Tim has responsibility and oversight for all operations of the company including both its government and commercial divisions. Tim focuses on the proper execution of KAA’s business model of providing superior professional work to clients while maintaining a corporate culture that gives associates rewarding, flexible careers and work-life balance.

Tim joined KAA after 25 years of Federal service and five years of commercial sector experience. Tim has held several senior Federal management positions including Director of the Department of the Interior’s National Business Center and Associate Director for Management for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

E-mail: tvigotsky@kaafederal.com

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Dennis Fischer – Outside Board Member

Dennis has served in numerous government-wide and corporate management roles. He served on the Government Information Technology Services Board and was elected as the first secretary/treasurer of the Federal CFO Council. He was named to the General Accounting Office Governmental Auditing Standards Advisory Council. Twice, he was the representative for all departments on the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) Steering Committee. He also represented all civilian agencies on the Cost Accounting Standards Board.

Dennis served as the Commissioner of the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Federal Technology Service, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of GSA and the deputy CFO of the Department of Health and Human Services.

E-mail: fischer.dennis@cox.net

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Dan Maguire – Outside Board Member

Serving as an Outside Board Member since 2009, Dan Maguire brings to KAA extensive experience in information technology consulting and business development. Dan is an Owner and Managing Principal with Dominion Business Solutions, Inc., a management and technology consulting organization providing business and mission-focused consulting, solution development, and systems integration services to public sector and Fortune 2000 clients.

Prior to founding Dominion Business Solutions, Dan was an owner and Principal of Washington Consulting, Inc., a rapid growing management and information technology consulting firm. Dan also had a long tenure with IBM Corporation (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers), where he provided sales, marketing, recruiting and project management support for an emerging SAP Public Sector practice area.

E-mail: dmaguire@dominion-solutions.com

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Paul HennePaul Henne — Managing Principal for Government Services

Paul leads KAA Federal Solutions’ growing Government Services operation that includes business services for Federal clients in the areas of Financial Management and Internal Controls, Human Resource Services, Acquisition Operations and Solutions, Budget Formulation and Execution, Project Management, Grants Management, Facilities, and Property Management.

Paul joined KAA after spending 37 years with the Federal Government with the last 20 years occupying senior leadership positions as the Assistant Director for Business Management and Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Procurement Executive for the Department of the Interior – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Paul has hands-on experience managing a variety of Federal programs and this insight gives KAA clients an advantage over working with other contractors, as KAA’s management staff and network of consultants understand agency needs, cultures, core competencies, history and desires for the future.

E-mail: phenne@kaafederal.com

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Robert HosenfeldRobert Hosenfeld — Principal, Human Capital

Robert leads the Federal Human Capital portfolio, within KAA’s Government Services Team, assisting agencies in adopting, managing, and executing innovative human capital programs. Robert manages a diverse team of Federal HR experts that provide HR management, human capital strategic planning services and HR operations.

Robert joined KAA Federal Solutions after a successful 34-year Federal HR career and several years in private industry. Among his many positions held throughout his career as a Federal Executive, Robert served as the Assistant Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, and previously as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources, Department of Health and Human Services. After leaving Federal service, Robert was the VP for Strategic Initiatives for STG International for two years and later as an independent consultant. Robert’s in-depth experience in managing Federal HR programs provides insight for KAA’s clients in understanding their needs and addressing their strategic and day-to-day challenges.

E-mail: bhosenfeld@kaafederal.com

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Mike Stephens — Investigations, Audits, and Security Services

Mike leads KAA Federal Solutions’ Investigations, Audits, and Security Services within the Government Services Team. His internal and external investigations expertise assists agencies with all forms of investigations including those involving misconduct, EEO, background, and financial due diligence. His private sector experience includes serving as Vice President for Corporate Security for a Northern Virginia company. He is disciplined in all forms of auditing such as compliance of Inspector General/GAO recommendations and contract monitoring. His security services capabilities include physical building/site security survey administration, security penetration testing, monitoring of guard security contracts, evacuation planning, and hazard mitigation planning. Mike is adept at alternate dispute resolution and training coordination.

Mike joined KAA after more than 40 years in public service including 15 years in the management of Inspector General Programs and 20 years as a Special Agent with the Secret Service. Mike was the Chief of Office Security for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and held the distinction of assignment to the Presidential Protection Division at the White House during his career with the Secret Service. Mike has a Bachelor of Arts from Olivet College and holds a Top Secret clearance.

E-mail: mstephens@kaafederal.com

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Helen Hurcombe — Principal, Acquisition Management

Helen leads the Federal Acquisition and Grants portfolio within KAA’s Government Services Team. Her goal is to assist Federal agencies in planning, executing, and administering acquisitions and grants, evaluate the effectiveness of acquisition and grant programs, and design implementable program improvements. Helen manages a diverse team of experts providing the full range of Federal acquisition and grant services and operations. Helen joined KAA Federal Solutions after a successful 40-year Federal acquisition career and held many positions throughout her career as a Federal Executive. She served as the Senior Procurement Executive at the Department of Commerce, Presidential Appointee to the Committee for the Blind and Severely Handicapped, and Deputy Associate Commissioner for Acquisition and Grants at the Social Security Administration. Helen brings a combination of strong technical skills and Federal Acquisition Regulation expertise complimented by a thorough understanding of business processes and in-depth domain knowledge of the Federal sector.

E-mail: hhurcombe@kaafederal.com

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Libby Dale – Senior Proposal Manager/Security & Onboard Lead

Libby leads KAA’s proposal efforts with responses to all solicitation types including RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, Task Orders, and Sources Sought. She is integrally involved with business development and capture in planning winning strategies and manages all aspects of proposal development from receipt of solicitation through response submission. Libby joined KAA with more than 25 years of writing experience – six years dedicated to proposal efforts – and 18 years of state and federal government contract development and operations expertise. Libby directs and coordinates the proposal team to develop technical responses and pricing volumes. Her attention to detail, organizational capabilities, and communication skills make her equally confident proposing services for small procurements as well as large complex acquisitions with multiple team members. Libby is a former background investigator and manages KAA’s security processes and also oversees onboarding of new associates. Libby has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Evansville.

E-mail: ldale@kaafederal.com

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Winston Fleishman – Senior Business Manager

Winston manages business operations for the KAA Business Services Division and for the KAA Industry Division. She maintains KAA’s contract portfolio, interfaces with clients, and provides contract management and invoicing support. Winston also manages all aspects related to time and attendance including updates and modifications related to changes in salary and benefit considerations and tracking of company-wide paid time off. Winston is a graduate from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

E-mail: wfleishman@kaafederal.com

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Lynda Zelnick – Chief Procurement Advisor

Lynda joined KAA in 2006 and provides expert advice on every stage of government procurement. In her role at KAA she serves as a procurement advisor assisting clients in analyzing and understanding complex Federal procurement solicitations in preparation for proposal submissions and preparing offers under the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule program. She also provides extensive assistance to clients in post-award management and administration of government contracts. Her expertise was gained through more than 35 years of government contracting in several agencies. She served as the senior contracting officer in the Information and Technology and Financial Services Branch of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U. S. Postal Service. She was the Assistant Program Manager for Procurement for the Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems program at the Naval Air Systems Command for over 15 years and in that position gained expertise in the use of cost-reimbursable contracts, related analysis of cost-and-pricing data, extensive negotiation of detailed cost elements, and post-award contract administration and cost monitoring. Lynda was the contracting officer for the administration team at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and also served as the contracting officer for EPA’s Superfund Clean-Up Program contract. She was responsible for contracts of the Joint Economic Commission of Riyadh as a contracting officer at the Department of the Treasury where she solicited, negotiated, awarded, and administered many contracts for the Treasury’s Office of Saudi Arabian Affairs. Lynda holds a bachelor’s degree from Alderson Broaddus College in Philippi, WV, and has many awards and Federal government commendations for her services.

E-mail: lzelnick@kaafederal.com

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