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  • Keen Insight >

    A solid reputation—built around exceptional service in the federal sector for nearly thirty years.

  • Aligned Experienced >

    A pool of associates with "insider" knowledge from their own years in the federal sector—for an intelligent match of project to expertise.

  • Achieving Results >

    The right resources. A laser-focused approach. Our vested interest—as a fully employee-owned company—in our client's success.

    Bring these pieces together and results aren’t just possible, they're inevitable.

About Us

KAA provides solutions to our clients, both directly to the federal government and to clients who work for or want to pursue work for the government. We use our network of hundreds of associates and subject matter experts...

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KAA in Action

  • Combined, KAA has more than 15,000 years of federal experience!

  • We provide support to higher education institutions to obtain grant funding to further their research capabilities.

  • KAA currently provides a full range of business operations services to over 30 federal agencies.

  • We provide strategic planning, positioning and operational support to make organizations more successful in the federal domain.

  • KAA's team of over 600 associates has one thing in common… a wealth of federal expertise.

  • Our GSA Schedule clients benefit from our senior procurement experts who advise on proposal development, contract compliance and management.

  • KAA hosts a global forum for experts in the banknote community to engage in discussions with peers on the state of the banknote industry today.

  • KAA provides industry clients with in-depth federal acquisition and strategic government marketing expertise and time-tested business development skills.

Meet the Team

KAA is led by a dynamic team of employees and associates, dedicated to finding solutions for each of our federal and industry clients. As employee-owners, we understand that clients seek solutions which are cost-effective...

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Contract Vehicles

We provide a wide array of services under a number of contractual instruments. These vehicles give our federal clients flexibility in utilizing KAA's services.

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